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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Harry Potter movie-book difference 6

I personally like her for Harry and not Cho. She's far more witty, strong-willed, and has a great personality. I'd fall for her too. If I were a boy. But I'd fall for Hermione first. :D

Book-movie difference HP6
·         At Spinner’s End; it was Snape himself who opened the door for Bellatrix and Narcissa, not Wormtail.
·         At Spinner’s End; it was not Bellatrix who offered the unbreakable vow but Narcissa.
·         At Spinner’s End; Snape and Narcissa was supposed to be kneeling during the unbreakable vow charm, not standing up.
·         At Budleigh Babberton; Slughorn was supposed to change his mind about teaching in Hogwarts while Harry and Dumbledore were in their way to the living room. Not at the doorstep.
·         Dumbledore did not fetch Harry at the train station before they went to Slughorn’s place. Dumbledore fetched Harry at the Dursley’s. Nothing in the book about the waitress or that place. *I don’t know why they changed it. Well, it adds drama? :D
·         At Knockturn Alley; Harry, Ron, and Hermione were supposed to be in their invisibility cloaks when they went to Borgin and Burkes while following Draco. *I guess their height was a problem. Besides, no one wants to see thin air all the time with background noises in the big screen. J
·         At Borgin and Burkes; Draco was supposed to be alone when he went there, not with his mother and other death eaters.
·         In Hogwart’s Express; Malfoy was supposed to be resting his head on Pansy’s lap when Harry sneaked in their compartment and not sitting across her.
·         In Hogwart’s Express; Harry was supposed to be in a fetal position when he was petrified by Draco, not straight laid.
·         In Hogwart’s express; Harry was found by Tonks, not Luna. *It doesn’t make sense that she finds him when students are not supposed to be late. Though I personally don’t mind her having more air time because she’s my fave. But it is quite illogical. Χ
·         At Hogsmeade station; it was Tonks who mended Harry’s nose, not Luna.
·         In Hogwarts entrance; it was Snape who escorted Harry in the school, not Luna. And it was nowhere in that part in the book about luggage being checked too.
·         In Potion’s class; Harry and Ron were not supposed to fight over the newer potions book because it was Slughorn who handed it to them. *I like it better in the movie. ‘twas a cute part. :D
·         In Potion’s class; the color of Felix Felicis was supposed to be molten gold, not clear liquid. *I guess it seems hard to drink something that looks like gold! :))
·         In The Three Broomsticks; it was nowhere in the book that Dean and Ginny kissed. Nor that they were in The Three Broomsticks. They were in Madam Puddifoot’s tea shop for couples. *Ow well, the theme of this sequel is more on raging hormones anyway. :D
·         On the road to Hogwarts from Hogsmeade; Katie was supposed to be screaming still when Hagrid was taking her up to the school, and not limp.
·         Belby was supposedly thin in the book.
·         Dean was supposedly one of the chasers in the Gryffindor Quidditch team too.
·         At the great hall; It was supposedly Hermione who saw Harry put the Felix potion on Ron’s drink, not Luna.
·         At the Greenhouses; Slughorn was not supposed to be stealing leaves because Professor Sprout gave it herself. *I don’t think it’s logical for a professor to be stealing when he can just ask another professor for it. Really. Χ
·         At The Burrow; there was nothing in the book about the fight that happened there, nor The Burrow getting burned down. *I find this scene really contradictory. Why the heck would Bellatrix and Fenrir went there? I mean, there wasn’t even any reason for them to just go there. Besides, The Burrow was supposed to be concealed. The fight didn’t even add reason. How much more the fire! They’re wizards and witches, they can put it out anytime. Tsk2. Very illogical scene. Χ
·         In the Room of Requirement; Harry left the Potions book at the Room of Requirement alone, not with Ginny. *Well, again, they need to add more drama. :D I like it anyway.
·         At the lightning struck tower; Bellatrix was not supposed to be there with the Death Eaters. She was not part of it. *Well, more exposure? Don’t get me wrong. I like Helena Bonham Carter.
·         At the lighting struck tower; Harry was supposed to be under the invisibility cloak and was in a full-body-bind curse by Dumbledore. So he was not supposed to be walking about and be seen. *Well I guess they were able to pull it off. Again, no one wants to see thin air in the big screen I gues. :D
·         At the lightning struck tower; Snape was not supposed to see Harry nor talk to him.

Harry Potter movie-book difference 5

My favorite character in the HP series. That's because we have a lot in common. Especially spacing out. :D

Same rule applies.

Book-movie difference HP5
·         At Wisteria Walk; Harry was supposed to point a wand at Dudley on the alleyway not at the park.
·         At the Dursley House; the letter from the ministry was not supposed to be a semi-howler. It was just a letter.
·         At the Dursley House; Kingsley was not supposed to be the one who told Harry about the Hearing. It was supposedly through the letter from the ministry.
·         At Grimmauld Place; how Moody opened the house was wrong. Harry was supposed to read the address of the house of a slip of paper and memorize it so the house could materialize before his eyes. *It defeats the purpose of the secret-keeper charm. Χ
·         At Grimmauld Place; the argument between Molly and Sirius was supposed to be at the kitchen, not at the meeting room. *It’s better that way, using extendable ears and doing the argument. Hitting two birds with one stone.
·         At the Ministry of Magic; there’s nowhere in the book about an elevator boy. As the elevators go on their own. Χ
·         At the Ministry of Magic; Harry and Mr. Weasley was supposed to be late for 10mins, not 5mins early.
·         At the Ministry of Magic; Harry and Mr. Weasley was supposed to see Lucius Malfoy talking to the Minister after the hearing, not before.
·         At Kingscross Station; it was supposedly Moody who gave Harry the picture of the whole order of the phoenix, not Sirius. It was at Grimmauld Place too.
·         At Hogwarts Express; Hermione and Ron was supposed to be patrolling the train corridors as they were prefects, not just sitting there with Harry. *Come to think of it, them being prefects was not mentioned in the movie at all! Χ
·         At Hogsmeade Station; the carriage was supposed to have a roof or is enclosed, not open just in case of rain. Χ
·         The hole behind the Fat Lady portrait was supposed to be circular, not arched. *But arched is better. It’s hard to climb into a circular door.
·         In Umbridge’s first class; students from four houses were in one room. It supposed to be just two houses in one class. *Because each house and year level are supposed to be blocked or in one room together with another house on the same year level. Χ
·         At Hogwarts; education decrees were supposed to be posted in the bulletin, not nailed. *How do they expect students to read those nailed announcements when it was too far up?? Χ
·         At the Forbidden Forest; the one who said about “if it’s just you alone, you’re not as much of a threat..” was supposed to be Remus at Grimmauld place, not Luna. *But it made Luna’s airtime longer. I like that. J
·         At the Forbidden Forest; there’s also nothing in the book about Harry and Luna feeding the Thestrals.
·         At the Hog’s Head; it was supposed to be Susan Bones who asked if Harry can produce a patronus, not Luna.
·         It was not Neville who found the Room of Requirement. It was Dobby who told Harry about that said room. *They tend to cut off Dobby’s part. So sad.
·         At the Room of Requirement; Hermione was supposed to say to Harry, “We’re just gonna be in the library…” not, “We’re gonna be in the common room…” before Christmas holidays. *Makes more sense.
·         Cho’s mother is not in the ministry as opposed to what Hermione had said. She’s not worrying about O.W.L.S. either as she’s already finished with it because she’s a year ahead. Χ
·         At the Department of Mysteries; Arthur Weasley was supposed to be guarding the door to it and not inside it.
·         The occlumency lesson was supposed to start after Christmas Holidays, not right after Harry saw Mr. Weasley’s attack. *I know it’s for shorter airtime. But Harry was still so clammy after the dream. And how do they expect him to close his mind? He needed rest, not mind exhaustion. Χ
·         At Grimmauld Place; the Black family tree was not supposed to have pictures, just names. *But it made the masses realize the connection between Bellatrix and Sirius.
·         At Hagrid’s hut; Umbridge was supposed to come by after Harry, Ron, and Hermione had come in and it’s supposed to be night time. *It would take time as they will need the invisibility cloak.
·         At Hagrid’s hut; he spoke like he went to find the giants alone when he was supposed to be with Madame Maxime.
·         At the Room of Requirement; Neville was not supposed to tell Harry about the plight of his parents because they found it out at St. Mungos. *They tend to cut the part of St. Mungos too. I’ve always wanted to see how they represented that wizarding hospital. Tsk2. Χ
·         At the Room of Requirement; there was nothing in the book about Umbridge bombarding the room. They were supposed to escape except for Harry. *I’m not sure they will be able to bombard it even. The room was supposed to not be there for people who don’t need it exactly as the people inside it anyway. So silly. Χ
·         Cho was not the one who sold the D.A. members but Marietta her friend. Χ
·         At Dumbledore’s office; it was supposedly Professor McGonagall who was holding Harry and Cho, not Percy.
·         At Dumbledore’s office; it was supposedly Phineas Nigelllus who said, “Dumbledore’s got style…” not Kingsley.
·         During the flight of Fred and George; Harry was not supposed to have the vision that time but during dozing off the O.W.L.S. exam room.
·         Hagrid was supposed to ask Harry and Hermione during the Quidditch match, not at a corridor. Ron was not supposed to be with them too as he was supposedly playing in the match. *They didn’t emphasize the Quidditch match at all. So bad. L Χ
·         At the Department of Mysteries; the prophecy was not supposed to say the prophecy when held by the person whom the prophecy was made. It did not do so in the book. *So how are they gonna be able to hear the prophecy then?
·         At the Department of Mysteries; Harry was supposed to be the one who broke the prophecy, not Lucius.
·         At the Ministry of Magic; Dumbledore was supposed to arrive before Voldemort did.
·         At the Ministry of Magic; Cornelius Fudge was supposed to arrive in his pajamas.

Harry Potter movie-book difference 4

I was finally able to draw him. Which means, it looks a lot like him now. Hahahaha.

*sighs* On to the next set of differences. Same rule applies. God help me. :|

Book-movie difference HP4
·         Harry was not supposed to have the Riddle House dream a recurring one. He only dreamed it once.
·         Barty Crouch Jr. was not supposed to be at the Riddle House on that dream.
·         At Stoatshead Hill; Harry was supposed to be touching the portkey minutes before take-off, not at the last minute. *Though that was exciting.
·         Ron’s dress robes was supposed to be given before the start of term, not after at an owl post. *It was a school requirement so it should be before. Yes it’s well presented in the movie but it’s too flawed. *shrugs*
·         At the Quidditch World Cup; there was not supposed to be flying everywhere nor magic. They were supposed to be discreet with magic as there are muggles living near the match site. *Come to think of it. I thought they could magic enough that big of a site since they are of course the Ministry of Magic, but maybe, it indeed is quite impossible. Χ
·         At the Quidditch World Cup; they were supposed to put up the tent themselves. *That could take long.
·         At the Quidditch World Cup; there were supposedly 2 tents. One for the boys and one for the girls. *As for me, I don’t really mind. Dunno about you guys.
·         At the Quidditch World Cup stadium; the Weasleys, Harry, and Hermione were supposed to be seatmates with the Malfoys and the Minister. *They made it looked like the Weasleys didn’t get decent seats when they’re supposed to be. Ow well, they’ve got one thing consistent.
·         At the Quidditch World Cup stadium; it was nowhere in the book they met with the Malfoys on the way. *That wasn’t interesting. At all. That could have been deleted and replaced with something better. Perhaps, meeting Ludo Bagman instead? Haha. Χ
·         At the Quidditch World Cup stadium; it was supposedly Ludo Bagman who started the match, not the Minister. *Imagine your President starting the FIFA WORLD CUP??? They shouldn’t be trifled with such. They can watch but not start it. Χ
·         At the Quidditch World Cup; the Weasleys, Harry, and Hermione was supposed to be asleep when the death eaters caused the commotion.
·         At the Quidditch World Cup; Harry’s scar was not supposed to hurt just by looking at the dark mark, nor seeing Mr. Crouch dead. *That is not how it works. Χ
·         At the great hall; Mad-eye Moody was not supposed to pacify the lightning on the ceiling, it was not in the book. *And besides, the ceiling was only magicked to look like the sky above. Inconsistent and what’s the use anyway? Χ
·         Mad-eye’s magical eye was not supposed to be pasted like an eye patch, it was supposedly just like an eye but larger and blue. *It will be hard for them to do that now, won’t it? Harder to do prosthetics. :D
·         The Durmstrang ship was supposed to appear visible to students. Students were supposed to be lined up at the grounds too. *I agree. Their presentation was better.
·         Beauxbatons participants was supposed to be co-ed, not just girls. *They made it look like Beauxbatons is an all-girl school and Durmstrang is an all-boys school. That’s an interesting concept. But it’s wrong. Well, they pulled it off.
·         At the great hall; Gabrielle Delacour was not supposed to be at the eve of Halloween together with the Beauxbatons participants. It was not in the book. *Well, the book didn’t say she was with them. Come to think of it, how did they get Gabrielle on the 2nd task then?
·         The Goblet of Fire was supposed to be in a crest (meaning can be opened with a lock) encrusted with jewels. *Dumbledore’s way of unlocking it was better in the movie.
·         The Goblet of Fire was supposed to be placed at the Entrance Hall on the eve of Halloween, not at the great hall.
·         Fred and George Weasley was not supposed to be able to put their paper in the Goblet, they were supposed to be thrown out right after they entered the age-line. *Because if they were able to place their papers in, the cup wouldn’t have devoured it because, it doesn’t know if the submitters were below the age limit. It was not built to detect that. Χ
·         There was nowhere in the book about Karkaroff going for the goblet. *What’s he supposed to be there for anyway? To led us to think it was him who put Harry’s name in? Which we knew after that he didn’t. So what’s the use now of that scene? It would have served its purpose if Impostor Mad-eye said he confunded Karkaroff to do it, but he didn’t. Χ
·         Padma Patil was not supposed to be with the Gryffindors, inside the Gryffindor common room, and seating at the Gryffindor table in the Great hall. She’s supposed to be a Ravenclaw! *It’s gonna conflict the previous movies too. Not just the book. Χ
·         At the Gryffindor common room; Sirius’ head was not supposed to be on the coal but sitting on the fire. *I think there’s a difference to that right? :D Though it was a very nice presentation but, it will conflict on floo powder travelling. Χ
·         Harry was supposed to talk to Sirius after he saw the dragons, not before.
·         At the great lake; Neville’s book that was loaned to him by Mad-eye was titled wrong. It’s not Magical Water Plants of the Highland Lochs but One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi. Χ
·         Ron was not the one who found out about the dragons. It was Hagrid. And there’s nowhere in the book about Ron telling Hermione that Hagrid’s looking for Harry. *But I like that scene. Though they could have just done the shortcut to Hagrid.
·         There was nothing in the book about Hermione visiting the Champions tent at the first task. *Though that’s a quicker way of getting the scoop about Harry’s secret heartache.
·         At the 1st task; Barty Crouch was not supposed to be at the first task as he was already “ill” then.
·         At the 1st task; Rita, Dumbledore, and Crouch was not supposed to be in the tent with the champions. It was supposed to be Ludo Bagman that’s in there doing the picking of dragons. *I guess this all worked out.
·         At the 1st task; the dragon was not supposed to be able to chase Harry out of the field. *Anything could have gone wrong too in the book. That is probable. And the suspense was good.
·         There was nothing on the book about them practicing waltz for the Yule Ball. *But Ron was soooo funny dancing with Professor McGonagall!
·         Harry asked Cho Chang to the Yule Ball at a corridor, not at the Owlery.
·         At the Yule Ball; Ron’s dress robes were supposedly lace-free by then. *That’ll take long, yes.
·         At the Yule Ball; Hermione was supposed to be wearing a blue dress. *Pink looks better on her so that’s okay.
·         At the Yule Ball; the Weird Sisters (or the band) was supposed to be girls.
·         At the Yule Ball; it was supposedly a Beauxbaton boy who asked Parvati to dance, not a Durmstrang student.
·         At the Yule Ball; there was nowhere in the book about Hermione and Ron’s argument up the stairs. *But I like that one though.
·         Karkaroff and Snape were supposed to be arguing about the death-eater mark at the bushes off the grounds during the Yule Ball, not at Snape’s office. *That’s a quicker way to portray about the missing potion ingredients.
·         Cedric was supposed to be giving Harry advice about the egg after the Yule Ball ended, not at a corridor. *I didn’t quite agree about ending the Yule Ball with an egg advice.
·         At the prefects bathroom; the mermaid on the window was supposed to be asleep.
·         At the library; it was supposedly Fred and George who told Hermione and Ron that McGonagall was looking for them, not Mad-eye. *It all worked anyway. To make the airtime a lot shorter.
·         Dobby was supposed to be the one who gave the Gillyweed, not Neville. *Though Neville is good in herbology, I doubt he can nick gillyweed from Snape’s office. Χ
·         At the 2nd task; the champions were supposed to be able to wade out in the lake, meaning, they were near the shore, not at the center of the lake. *It was better in the movie.
·         At the 2nd task; Harry was supposed to be wearing robes when he got into the lake, not a swim suit. He was supposed to be late so he didn’t have the chance to change into one. *Long to portray.
·         At the 2nd task; the hostages were supposed to be tied to a merperson statue, not levitated and bound by a rope. Therefore, means of cutting it off is through a sharp stone and not the wand. Because you are not supposed to be able to use the wand underwater to create sparks. It only surges hot water. *That was better. Would have been hard for Krum to rescue Hermione. And would be too long to portray.
·         At the 2nd task; Cedric was supposed to be late by a minute. They were supposedly all late. *Ow well, they gone by RULES ARE RULES. :D
·         At the 2nd task; Rita was not supposed to be at the 2nd task. She was supposedly banned from the school grounds by Dumbledore after the 1st task for being an obnoxious writer.
·         At the 2nd task; Harry was supposed to be tied with Cedric for the points, not second place.
·         Barty Crouch was not supposed to be found dead like that. *That scene was totally wrong. It’s not in the book at all. And it’s contradictory. Who would kill Crouch like that and do not clean it up? It will alert the Ministry! Χ
·         At the pensieve memory; Mad-eye was supposed to be beside Dumbledore, not above.
·         At the pensieve memory; How Barty Crouch Jr. was found out as a death eater was not the same hearing as Karkaroff. And also, Barty Crouch Jr. did not admit he was a death eater. *Well, it cuts airtime. And it so called explains how Karkaroff got off. I like the scene. It was easy enough to understand.
·         At the 3rd task; there were supposed to be creatures as obstacles in the maze, unlike what Dumbledore said. *The maze isn’t interesting at all without them. Especially the Sphinx. Χ
·         At the 3rd task; there were supposedly no plants that trip you off, nor bind you to the ground. The tasks were not supposed to be fatal to the champions. *It’s contradictory. Χ
·         At the 3rd task; it was not supposed to be Harry who was torn between helping Cedric or let him die. It was the other way around. Harry was supposed to be the one who needed Cedric’s help. *Ow well, consistency again for exhibiting moral fiber. I guess that worked out.
·         At the graveyard; Cedric was supposed to die without further ado, not being told by Harry to go back to the cup. *But that was really better, you will be left of what ifs.
·         At the graveyard; Harry was supposed to be bound with ropes, not the statue.
·         At the graveyard; during the priori incantatem, the first ghost of a spell that went out of Voldemort’s wand was supposedly the ghost of a hand, the hand he made for Peter Pettigrew. *It’s contradictory to how the spell works. Χ
·         Back at Hogwarts; Arthur Weasley was not supposed to be at the 3rd task, it was supposedly, Bill and Molly Weasley that supported Harry. *I don’t know why Mrs. Weasley was not in the movie. Did she fall ill?
·         At Mad-eye’s office; the spell that Dumbledore used to break the door was supposedly STUPEFY, not expelliarmus. Mad-eyes was supposed to be stupefied so he can’t do any harm. *Right then, anything could go wrong, they just let him lay there. What if he attacked while they were talking to the real Mad-eye in the crest? Χ
·         At Mad-eye’s office; it was supposedly Professor McGonagall who stood guard of Barty Crouch Jr., not Snape. 

Harry Potter movie-book difference 3

On a broomstick is not my idea of traveling too. I'd rather apparate. Hahaha. So Hermione-ish.

These are the differences for Book 3. Again, same rule applies. Sad thing is, it's no longer Chris Columbus who directed HP3-6. That's why it's going to be really tiring, confusing, and draining for me to write the differences now as there will be a lot. When I say A LOT, it's stupendous! But, I still will do it. For my own peace of mind. :))

Book-movie difference HP3
·         Harry was not supposed to be doing the lumos spell at the beginning of HP3. It was supposed to be a flashlight. *This is soooo contradictory. If they haven’t known, it’s illegal to use magic if one’s underage. They even showed that in HP2! The problem with new directors you see? Χ
·         Marjorie Dursley was not supposed to fly out to the sky when she bloated. There was no such thing in the book. *But it was funny especially when I saw Petunia Dursley waving a hanky at her when she flew out.
·         The falling over at the gutter by Harry was wrong. He was supposed to fall over because he almost got ran down by the Knight bus. *They made appear that the dog cast a spell to make Harry fall back. That can’t happen. The ministry will find out if a spell has been cast on that place and will be blamed on Harry. I don’t think any other wizard is in Magnolia Crescent right?? Χ
·         The dog was supposed to be at his back, not in front. It did not also bark in the book.
·         At the Knight Bus; Harry was supposed to know Black already. *He could have just easily told Stan Shunpike that I saw him on the muggle news which should have aired while the Dursley’s were dining. Just an idea. *shrugs*
·         The streetlamps and pavement was supposed to jump back for the Knight Bus. *I bet that was too much for them to make. :D
·         There was no such thing as a head puppet in the Knight Bus. *But it was hilarious.
·         The old lady in crutches crossing the street was nowhere in the book too. *But that was funny.
·         Shunpike and Ernie was supposed to stop by and known Neville is actually Harry Potter. Cornelius Fudge was supposed to meet Harry at the door of Leaky Cauldron too. *Too much talk I guess.
·         The monster book of monsters was supposed to be opened by Harry at Privet Drive as it was a birthday gift from Hagrid, not at the Leaky Cauldron. *Well, come to think of it, they omit Harry birthday since HP2. Need to cut off air-time I suppose.
·         Harry bought his own school books too, not the minister. *Imagine your President buying your own school books? Astounding! Utterly absurd! I suppose they made the masses think that for the reasons harry can’t wander about. He was actually just banned from the muggle streets. Not at Diagon Alley. Χ
·         Mr. Weasley explaining to Harry about not going after Black was supposedly at Platforms 9 ¾, not at the Leaky Cauldron. *Since they usually come in late, and it will be too noisy at the train station, that scene will do.
·         At the Hogwarts Express; Ginny and Neville was supposed to be in the compartment and Lupin was supposedly awake during the black-out before the dementor came. *Too much to portray.
·         Harry was not supposed to get a turn on the boggart. As Professor Lupin thought Voldemort might come out, which he also asked at the bridge. *It doesn’t make sense. Χ
·         At the boggart class; the gryffindors were not supposed to do that class with the slytherins. *It didn’t say in the book which house they were doing it with though. And they might be cutting off talent fees. :D
·         The one who found the fat lady was not Filch and the one who said it was Sirius Black that attacked was not the fat lady but PEEVES. *I still don’t know why they didn’t show Peeves.
·         At Hagrid’s first class; there was supposedly a dozen hippogriffs. *Well that’s too much for them I guess.
·         At Hagrid’s first class; Harry was suppose to volunteer, not being forced to. *It was funny how they all backed away that it seems Harry volunteered. And to top it off, Ron pushed him too. Hahaha.
·         At the first quidditch match with the Hufflepuff team; Cedric was not supposed to fall off his broom and get electrocuted because he was supposed to get the snitch. *They should seriously read the books. :D
·         At the 2nd Hogsmeade visit; Harry was not supposed to take Neville’s lollipop nor bump into carolers later on. *You would know better than to bump anyone when your invisible or take something off somebody else, that would alert wizarding folks. Harry was not supposed to be seen anywhere in Hogsmeade nor felt. Χ
·         At the 2nd Hogsmeade visit; Harry was not supposed to be wearing the invisibility cloak. He was wearing it in the 3rd Hogsmeade visit. *I suppose that was the 2nd visit as it was winter.
·         At the 2nd Hogsmeade visit; Harry was not supposed to be flinging snow at Malfoy. This happened at the 3rd Hogsmeade visit when it was spring, not winter. Furthermore, it was mud he threw at Malfoy and not snow. *Wow, they are seriously confusing me now. But I guess they thought of merging them together to get a move on. Tsk2.
·         The Three Broomsticks is not supposed to be restricted from underage wizards. *So why were Hermione and Ron being restrained?! Χ
·         How Harry knew of Sirius being his godfather was wrong. *But I like it that it was in a private room. Else, anybody would have been able to hear them.
·         How the map was confiscated was wrong too. *Well, isn’t everything else?? Arrrgghhh… Tough job this is. Anyway, it was supposedly because of the 3rd Hogsmeade visit and not about Harry finding Peter Pettigrew in the dead of night. But I think the scene worked out. Made Professor Lupin alert as to why the map showed Peter.
·         At the dementor/boggart class; Harry was not suppose to use the memory of his mom and dad talking to him, but the memory when he knew he was a wizard and would be leaving the Dursleys. *Harry is right, I don’t even think that memory he chose was real. It’s nowhere in the book.
·         Harry was supposed to hear the prophecy on a Divination final exam. *That was not a final exam as Hermione walked out before the final exam happened. They are screwing the timelines of the book and so is my mind. Grrr…
·         Professor Trelawney’s classroom was supposedly up a trapdoor, not a usual door.
·         Hermione was not supposed to punch Malfoy but instead, slap him. And it was supposedly morning, not sunset. *Punching is better though. :D
·         Harry, Ron, and Hermione were supposed to wear the invisibility cloak when they went to Hagrid’s hut. *They were not allowed out of the grounds after 6pm due to the Sirius Black scare. That was supposedly 7:30pm. But there’s a good thing there, they can’t continue filming on nothingness. Masses would want to see something or someone on their screens right? So, that worked out.
·         There should have been 4 people in the execution ceremony apart from Hagrid. *Cost-cutting eh?
·         At Hagrid’s hut; Hermione was the one who found scabbers, not Hagrid.
·         At Hagrid’s hut; there was nothing in the book about future Hermione throwing a stone at present Hermione nor at present Harry to get their attention outside the window. It was Hagrid who noticed the executioners coming. Furthermore, they weren’t supposed to be hiding behind a pumpkin patch, just behind the trees. *That went well anyway. It was much better in the movie.
·         Harry, Ron, and Hermione was not supposed to see the executioner swing his axe as their backs were at Hagrid’s hut. They only heard the swish of the axe. *Well, this went well too. Led the masses to think Buckbeak was indeed beheaded.
·         At the Whomping Willow; Harry was not supposed to lose his glasses as they entered the tunnel. Crookshanks was supposed to be there to hit the knot that keeps the Willow still. *Crookshanks was supposed to be in the Shrieking Shack too. Well, guess they weren’t able to train him. :D I think this worked out.
·         At the Shrieking Shack; Professor Snape was supposed to use the invisibility cloak and listen first, not just appear at the door. *In the first place, Harry didn’t bring the cloak so, I guess, all is well.
·         At the tunnel; Ron was supposed to be in bandages and chained to Peter Pettigrew who was also chained to Professor Lupin. Professor Snape was supposed to be levitated by Sirius too. *I don’t know why they didn’t bandaged Ron in the movie. For crying out loud, Sirius and Professor Lupin were brilliant wizards! I understand about them leaving Professor Snape though. Χ
·         Pettigrew’s pleading for his life was supposedly in the Shrieking Shack, not at the Willow.
·         Sirius’ proposition to Harry about living with him was supposedly in the tunnel, not at the grounds.
·         At the lake; Hermione was supposed to be with Harry when the Dementor’s swarm in. The future Hermione however was not supposed to be with Harry when he made the patronus. *They are seriously screwing it up. I’m having a headache with this.
·         At the infirmary; Dumbledore said it was 5 mins before midnight, then he said, three turns should do it, which makes 3 hours back. Harry and Ron went back at 7:30. That’s not three hours. Χ
·         At the infirmary; Ron was not supposed to be conscious when Dumbledore came in or the entire time.
·         Future Harry and Hermione was not supposed to see Hermione punching Draco as it was supposedly morning which is during care of magical creatures class, not almost sunset.
·         At releasing Buckbeak; there was nothing in the book about feeding Buckbeak dead animals to make him budge and get up. *But that makes sense.
·         At the Forbidden Forest; Hermione didn’t howl to get the werewolf off Sirius. She and Harry weren’t attack by it either. *That was full of suspense so thumbs up.
·         At the lake; the stag patronus was supposed to gallop and scare away the dementors not shining that bright. *The effects were good but that’s not how patronuses work. Χ
·         At the infirmary; Ron was not supposed to be conscious either when Harry and Hermione came back. *That was funny though, the look on Ron’s face.
·         At breakfast; The firebolt was supposed to be sent during Christmas and before they rescued Sirius. *See, they are screwing the timelines. But I have a pretty good idea as to their theme. They made it look as if all the things happened right after the holidays (Easter) ended as it was already spring. The same goes with the 2nd and 3rd Hogsmeade visit merged into one. Same also with the Divination walk-out incident. That happened during the easter holidays. But everything happened before Quidditch final. So they seemed all is well. I guess it worked out.

NOTE: Halfway to this and I needed to stop. I had a super headache that I needed to rest for a while. Afterwards, it rained. So I got myself soaked and happy enough to finish this. Hahahaha. I hope I can still do the next ones. Oh, somebody help me.